Saturday, February 26, 2011


Hey... remember me?

Sorry I have been MIA lately. Like I said in my previous post, I am so busy with presell for Clinique Bonus. And I would be at my goal very, very soon but I was doing so well that they added an extra $800. I am not the happiest about that. I am not getting any kind of extra gratis and no one else is getting their goal raised. SUCKS. I am glad that management has enough confidence in me to add extra. We will see though. I told them all I can do is try. Which I will! So, anyone want to place a presell order with me? ;)

Guess what? I am off today, tomorrow and Monday. Holler! No exciting plans. Some cleaning, relaxing, hanging out with the Hubs, and catching up on my DVR.

I did go to Steak and Shake today and it was amazing. I hadn't been there in so long since it isn't super close to my house. I got some kind of western bbq steakburger with those awesome mini fries. Don't you just LOVE those little fries? Oh and I also got a chocolate-banana milkshake. I was full the whole day.... so I guess it wasn't very good for my Weight Watchers, oops. I also got a hat- yesss!

Kellie from Real Housewife of H20ville stopped by my work this past week. I was putting stock away and I heard her laugh and did a very dramatic gasp and ran down to see her! Haha. She brought her adorable daughter, LB, and I tried to get her to do her banshee yell but she wouldn't! :-/ She did, however, say "Yeahhhhh" very enthusiastically to something I asked her. It was awesome. You guys should check out her blog. She has a fun blog to read!

I am sad to report I have done anything to my office recently. I am just too tired. I am working, cleaning, and trying to do more than come home and go to work. Ugh. I might work on it on Monday though. If so, I'll update :)


Mrs. W. said...

Love your S'NS hat! My first job was waitressing at a Steak 'N Shake (the one at Gateway in St. Pete) - I've eaten a lifetime's worth of those skinny fries, but I love 'em! With cheese sauce, mmm. :)

Sorry about your goal being raised, but good for you doing such an awesome job at work!

moderndaywife said...

Love Steak n Shake milkshakes!!!

Jessica said...

Ughh my husband's work does the same thing to him all the time. He is in sales, too! I would buy from you if you ship to FL! :)

KSK said...

I went to S&S once after bars closed & waited for 30 mins in the drive-thru -- only 1 car was ahead of us!! I was so annoyed-- but the shoestring fries would've made it worth it (if Jerk Face wasn't being a jerkface!)...

*It was great seeing you! Too bad the customers have to interrupt our visits! :)