Monday, January 31, 2011

Weight Watchers

       I love to eat. Who doesn't? I eat when I want to celebrate, I eat when I'm bored, and whenever else I feel the need to. For most of my life, it wasn't a big deal. I was a little stick figure girl and my weight fluctuated maybe 5-10 lbs up and down.

      See twiggy me....


        All that changed after I hit age 21. Mostly, because of alcohol..... it really helped me pack on the pounds. I am now 25, almost 26 and I'm tired of feeling insecure and really having to buy clothes I don't like because I want to hide my arms and stomach.

      This photo really made me realize how big I have gotten... btw, go Bucks! And hello to J!

           During the holidays, I gained an extra 10 lbs and thought "That is IT!!!!!!!". January 1st I started Weight Watchers online and started their points plus program. It is seriously the easiest thing I have ever done! The weight is coming off slowly, I am aware of what I am eating, making healthier choices and I have way more energy!

          I still have treats.... heck, yesterday I had a burger and fries but the rest of the day I ate healthy things! I even bought Weight Watchers ice cream sandwiches. YUM!

  Today was my weigh in and this week I lost 3.4 lbs! That means I have lost 8.6 lbs total since January 1st! I am so proud. I realize I won't lose that much each week but gosh, it feels amazing!

       When I hit the 10 lbs mark, I am going to get a pedicure. 20 lb mark, mani & pedi. And my ultimate goal, 30 lbs--- SHOPPING TRIP! I would also like to add that I am not buying any new clothes til then. I know I can do this!

21.4 lbs til clothes!!!!!!!!! :)

     Here is how I want to look again. I was healthy, and 140 lbs. Rome in 2005.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thankful Thursday! ♥

Sometimes I whine and complain. Everything seems to hit me at once. Today I want to tell you what I'm thankful for because I really do have a lot!

I am thankful for a terrific Husband! He loves me too and makes me feel so special.

I am thankful for having family. They are warm, open, happy, affectionate people that I am lucky to have!

I am thankful that my Husband and I both are jobs. Secondly, I am thankful that my job gives me the opportunity to not only talk to people everyday but also help them and make them feel good about themselves.

I am thankful for music that melts my cares away and makes my feet dance.

I am thankful for my friends.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Living Room

Hello gang!

             Quick update on my wallpaper.... it is still attached to 3 out of 4 walls. It is taking FOR.EV.ER. I probably won't do anymore til my next day off on Sunday.

        I wanted to blog about my living room and dining room. It has come such a long way! Check it out... this was before we moved in:
Notice the 80s carpeting? Fake tile in the entryway? 

Well, Hubby and I decided we wanted to put wood flooring in. It seriously made a huge difference! Add in our own furniture and it looks great! We loved the wall color so we kept it. 

We still have to do something with the wood border... either a darker stain or white. Home Depot installed the flooring and they really did a great job. Sofa table by the stairway is from Pier One, couch from Banner Mattress & Furniture, and table and china cabinet are from my in laws.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Fun Finds

      Yesterday, I went over to my Husband's Grandma's condo. She hasn't lived there for a while and decided she wants to sell it and everything inside. So, we were given the opportunity to go through and see if there is anything we wanted.
        There were so many interesting things! It was like a vintage clothing and antique shop in there. In my last post I mentioned the egg chairs.... they are from her condo! I got a really neat glass jar with an even neater glass lid. I also picked out an amazing coat. It is this emerald green, wool coat. The color really caught me. Take a look:
I didn't even notice where it was from until my Husband was looking to see what material it was. How cool!
It is just a classic style! I am taking it to get altered because Louis' Grandma is a little lady and the sleeves are too short for me. Can't wait!

The other fun finds were a 1950s edition of Walt Whitman Leaves of Grass, which I cannot wait to start reading! I also found a Norman Rockwell book which looks pretty interesting. Oh, Hubby got a motorized canoe, hehe. That will be something really fun to do this spring/summer.

Oh and it doesn't look like I'm going to get much done on the office. It is snowy and yuck and I'm not driving in it! I'm going to follow my FIL's advice and if warm water and a sponge doesn't work. It wasn't meant to be today. 

I'll be blogging about our living room tomorrow so stay tuned! Thanks :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Office Inspirations

My Husband said I could decorate our office however I please. WOOHOO! I really want to do something different. The space is really small. So far, we have an old wooden desk and bookshelf in there.

 I have in my hands a couple of egg chairs similar to this:

I'll use these as computer chairs and extra seating. Right now they have a yellow padded seat.

As far as walls and color schemes... I really wanted to do navy, yellow and white but I think I am blue crazy right now. My bedroom is aqua, our guestroom is a darker blue (painted by the previous owners) so I'm just not sure. What about a super pale yellow with Navy, white and dark wood accessories? Or stark white with navy, white and yellow decor? The Blue + White Collection at Target would be pretty perfect. I love the hammered metal vase and the floral prints!  And this ottoman would be great for storage:

I also have to figure out how to remove the border along the ceiling. It's real special looking. HA! I hope it is easy. I would actually like to attempt it tomorrow. According to the internetz, if I get something called Wallwik, it should pretty much fall off. I might ask my handy FIL if he has any tricks for me!

If you have any ideas for me, please comment below. Thanks!

Proud Homeowners

So, we got the house! We moved in around the end of September. It was such a crazy time because I was dealing with Clinique's Bonus (which meant I had one day off/week) but we closed, moved in and wall-la! We are homeowners.

Here is our new place:

Everything is finding a place here... all the animals LOVE the house, especially all of the room to RUN. And I am having a blast decorating with my Husband. We have totally different views when it comes to decorating style but we have definitely come to a compromise.

First room I want to blog about.... our bedroom! When we moved in, this is how our bedroom looked:

The sponge painted walls were kinda scary and the dark furniture made the room so uninviting to me! These next images were a few of my inspirations... I wanted to be reminded of my lovely home state, Florida but keep away from tacky tourist chic ;)

And this is how our room... so far:

The white furniture is from American Signature, shell prints from Pier One, brushed metal lamp from ???, bedding from Target. Pier One also had some lovely white, linen curtains so I got a couple of those for the windows. Really adds a nice touch if I do say so myself. Now I just have little things left.... I got a glass jar and when I head to FL I'll collect some shells. My Mom got me a couple candle holders from Bealls too!

The paint I used is really fun and bright. Shout out to my SIL and FIL for helping paint the walls! It's by Behr and it is the kind that has primer mixed into it. SO easy!!! I believe the color is called Surfer.
Our bedroom as an overall calming effect which is very nice after a long day at work. I find myself in their quite a bit when I am home, even if it is just to read a book.