Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Living Room

Hello gang!

             Quick update on my wallpaper.... it is still attached to 3 out of 4 walls. It is taking FOR.EV.ER. I probably won't do anymore til my next day off on Sunday.

        I wanted to blog about my living room and dining room. It has come such a long way! Check it out... this was before we moved in:
Notice the 80s carpeting? Fake tile in the entryway? 

Well, Hubby and I decided we wanted to put wood flooring in. It seriously made a huge difference! Add in our own furniture and it looks great! We loved the wall color so we kept it. 

We still have to do something with the wood border... either a darker stain or white. Home Depot installed the flooring and they really did a great job. Sofa table by the stairway is from Pier One, couch from Banner Mattress & Furniture, and table and china cabinet are from my in laws.

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moderndaywife said...

I LOOVE your wood flooring it really makes a difference and your living room looks so nice! Good job!