Monday, January 24, 2011

Fun Finds

      Yesterday, I went over to my Husband's Grandma's condo. She hasn't lived there for a while and decided she wants to sell it and everything inside. So, we were given the opportunity to go through and see if there is anything we wanted.
        There were so many interesting things! It was like a vintage clothing and antique shop in there. In my last post I mentioned the egg chairs.... they are from her condo! I got a really neat glass jar with an even neater glass lid. I also picked out an amazing coat. It is this emerald green, wool coat. The color really caught me. Take a look:
I didn't even notice where it was from until my Husband was looking to see what material it was. How cool!
It is just a classic style! I am taking it to get altered because Louis' Grandma is a little lady and the sleeves are too short for me. Can't wait!

The other fun finds were a 1950s edition of Walt Whitman Leaves of Grass, which I cannot wait to start reading! I also found a Norman Rockwell book which looks pretty interesting. Oh, Hubby got a motorized canoe, hehe. That will be something really fun to do this spring/summer.

Oh and it doesn't look like I'm going to get much done on the office. It is snowy and yuck and I'm not driving in it! I'm going to follow my FIL's advice and if warm water and a sponge doesn't work. It wasn't meant to be today. 

I'll be blogging about our living room tomorrow so stay tuned! Thanks :)


Sarah said...

Sounds like cool finds!

Mrs. W. said...

What a gorgeous coat! Great find!

Megan said...

Wow...what neat finds!! I found your blog via Modern Day Wife!

Jessica said...

That is so cool, I do love the coat!!

Jill said...

Cool Find!!!! Love Vintage stuff!!