Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I need something to keep my mind off of things, so I thought I'd link up with This Kind of Love.

I'm loving my Mom. She is amazing, beautiful, spiritual and strong.

I'm loving my family and friends. How lucky can I be? Both sides were there for me in such a time of darkness. They filled our days with love and kindness.

I'm loving my new glasses. I look like a hot librarian. :)

I'm loving my Husband. He has taken care of me of me and made me dinner. He is so sweet and an awesome cook!

I'm loving Gus! I brought one of my Parent's dogs home... he is a yorkie. He is so funny and loves the kitties and Bo.

I'm loving the stranger who was in the elevator with me yesterday and when I got out, said to me "I just want you to know that everything is going to be alright". I had this warm feeling all over and just smiled at him. It was the best feeling.

I'm loving the movie "Stepbrothers"!! So many funny lines!

Monday, March 28, 2011

My Dad

My Dad is my favorite person.

I used to talk to him on the phone everyday. Sometimes, just about silly things like American Idol (he always just said "AI"), Glee, and our pets.

He was a hard worker. He actually worked two jobs while I was growing up. During the day, he managed condos and at night, he delivered newspapers. It was a lot of work and he didn't get a lot of sleep but he did it for us.

My Dad loved music. He was named after the great musician, Stan Kenton. He played the trombone in jazz band and marching band. I also remember going to the community band practice with him.

He was a notorious one word texter. Not because he wasn't interested in texting back and forth but he wasn't the fastest texter ever so I'd get responses like "Wow" "cool" "ok" "hi" "Glee" "A.I.". I always laughed when I read his responses.

My Dad LOVED karaoke. It was rather ridiculous and sometimes embarrassing. Ha! I am actually the person that got him hooked. They used to have karaoke at the pier, downtown, when I was in high school. So we all went. For his 50th Birthday, we threw him a big bash at my house and we even hired a karaoke dj. It was a fun night. 

I am still waiting for him to call or text. When I was in Florida, I heard my brother's voice and for a split second, thought it was my Dad. I was also waiting for him to walk into the room. It is never going to happen but I wish it would. I wish I could turn back the hands of time. I want my Dad back. Every girl needs their Daddy and I need mine.

What makes me really sad is that my future children will never know their Grandpa. I always had little flashes of my future children hanging out with my Mom and Dad. Now it is impossible.

 love you, Dad. I know you are watching over me but I wish you were here on Earth with us. I know you are at peace though.                     Love ya! xoxo

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day 2011

Hi everyone!

Haven't blogged lately because I worked 9 days straight. Yesterday was my 1 day off and I won't get another until next Wednesday. Wahhhhhhh. Such is life when it is bonus time.

I wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!! Today I will not be drinking any green beer because if you remember, I gave up alcohol for Lent. Um, what was I thinking? That is ok though because I work til 9 anyways. I can be Hubby's DD. :)

My siblings are in Savannah, GA today with my Aunt, Uncle and Cousins. I'm a bit jealous.... their St. Patty's Day celebration is crazy from what I hear. Plus, my Aunt and Uncle are awesome cooks and I could totally eat a Shepherd's Pie right now.

Yesterday, I got my hair dyed a really pretty red color! I did an all over warm red with bright red, subtle highlights. It looks so pretty and it is perfect timing because now I'm a redhead for my favorite Irish holiday.
Sorry, it is hard to see the color in this photo but it's all I got!

I cheated on my normal hair person to go back to the gal who cut my hair a few weeks ago at the Redken school. I feel kinda bad but it is less $$$ and I think she did an awesome job! Oh and while I was there, I finally picked up the Katy Perry OPI Shatter. I bought the last two (the other one is for my coworker).

Ok, I'm off to get my exercise on... elliptical here I come!


Friday, March 11, 2011

If I Was In Florida...

If I was in Florida tonight, I'd be wearing some shorts and flip flops.
If I was in Florida tonight, I'd hug & kiss my parents.
If I was in Florida tonight, I'd head out to the Columbia for a fab dinner and some yummy sangria.

I think I miss Florida just a smidge....   Is it Spring yet?

If it was warmer in Ohio tonight, I'd be riding my Schwinn (vintage) around town.
If it was warmer in Ohio tonight, I would go for a run.
If it was warmer in Ohio tonight, I would roast marshmallows and hang out on the deck in my backyard.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Well, today is the first day of the Lenten Season. I grew up Lutheran (holllerrrr!) and have always sacrificed something during this time. I have given up the usual: candy, bread, and meat.

This year, I have decided to give up alcohol. It isn't like I drink a lot. I might have a beer or two 2x/week but I decided it will also help with my weight loss. So that is that. :)

I'll miss you tequila.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Working Hard

Hey guys :)

Remember how I told ya'll that my presell goal for bonus was raised? My original goal was $3700 and then it got raised to $4500 because I was doing so well. Today was the final day of presell and bonus officially starts tomorrow and guess what my final number was? $5700!!! I am so happy and relieved. My counter manager and store manager are pretty jazzed as well. ::high five::

I finally found a photo of our cute bonus.

In other news, I went to the eye doctor yesterday. And I am officially old. I need bifocals.... or progressive lenses as they like to call them now... or FREAKING expensive $261 lenses. I won't even tell you the final total but it sucks. I have to order them tomorrow though and they arrive in a week and a half. Oy vey! Atleast I'll look like a sexy librarian now.

Monday, March 7, 2011

ABCs of Me.

A is for Age: 25. I'll be 26 in May. Eeeeek!
B is for Beer of choice: Samuel Smith Organic Strawberry Ale. My favorite!!
C is for Career: Clinique baby!
D is for favourite Drink: Diet Dr. Pepper
E is for Essential item you use everyday: Moisturizer.
F is for Favourite song at the moment: Born This Way by Lady Gaga
G is for favourite Game: Cranium... holler!
H is for Home town: St. Petersburg, FL
I is for Instruments you play: Bass Clarinet and my voice.
J is for favourite Juice: Grapefruit
K is for Kids: None... yet! ;)
L is for Last kiss: My hubby before I left for work.
M is for marriage: We will be married two years in May.
N is for full Name: Stephanie
O is for Overnight hospital stays: Yep, in 04 bc I had a crazy fever.
P is for phobias: Heights, birds and spiders.
Q is for quote: "Life is short. Seize the moment because tomorrow you might be dead."- Buffy Summers
R is for biggest Regret: Eh, nothing too bad.
S is for sports: Devil Rayyyyyyys. And they will always be the Devil Rays, SO THERE!
T is for Time you wake up: Depends... 7:30 or 8. If I don't have to work, I wake up at that time and try to fall back asleep.
U is for colour of underwear: Sheesh, personal much?
V is for Vegetable you love: Asparagus. Mmmm.
W is for Worst Habit: Being bossy.
X is for X-rays you've had: Hmmm... teeth, foot, and I think that is it.
Y is for Yummy food you make: Everything! Ha.
Z is for zodiac sign: Gemini

Oh and I would like to say that I posted this photo on my facebook and got a million likes and comments. Hahahaha. Prett hot, eh?
This is the face I make when I have to deal with freezing rain or snow. Hahahaha.


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday Night Fun

What is a girl to do on a Saturday night with no hubby?


I just ordered a pizza, made a fire in the fireplace, threw on my pajamas and I am having a Buffy the Vampire Slayer marathon. I wish my BFF, Kara was here! We are Buffy fanatics!!!

How can you not LOVE this show? It is fun and cheesy, 90s/2000s goodness!!!

Here is one of my favorite episodes... the Buffy musical episode and my fave song:

I am also going to repaint my nails with a new Katy Perry OPI color.

What are you doing tonight? How is your weekend going? :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday ♥

I really needed another Thankful Thursday post. All I've done lately is complain, complain, complain. I just need to knock it off and be happy with what I have. In my defense, it was that time of the month! Haha.

I am thankful for....

The snow melting away!!! My yard has little tiny patches of snow left and it is amazing.

My Parents because they are sweet and I love them.

Vacation time coming up realllllllllllllly soon. Can't wait for April!

My sweet Husband, he is so cute!

Sounds silly, but this Katy Perry nail polish makes me so happy! Everyone needs a little sparkle in their day to day life. ;)

McDonald's Grilled Chicken Southwest Salad. So good and makes dieting not bad at all. You should try it.

My job. It rocks!

Whew! I feel better now. It is nice to reflect and count my blessings. What are you thankful for? :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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Bed Hogs

Most nights, I have two or three out of the five pets in our bed. And they are bed hogs! Look at this evidence:
Bo, my shihtzu/poodle mix, is laying right next to my stomach. Annie, the brown spotted/striped cat, always lays by someone's head. And Charlie, the orange and white cat, usually isn't the one laying with us unless he is feeling super cuddly. And after this photo was taken, the other two cats were on the way. Good thing we have a king sized bed!