Sunday, January 23, 2011

Proud Homeowners

So, we got the house! We moved in around the end of September. It was such a crazy time because I was dealing with Clinique's Bonus (which meant I had one day off/week) but we closed, moved in and wall-la! We are homeowners.

Here is our new place:

Everything is finding a place here... all the animals LOVE the house, especially all of the room to RUN. And I am having a blast decorating with my Husband. We have totally different views when it comes to decorating style but we have definitely come to a compromise.

First room I want to blog about.... our bedroom! When we moved in, this is how our bedroom looked:

The sponge painted walls were kinda scary and the dark furniture made the room so uninviting to me! These next images were a few of my inspirations... I wanted to be reminded of my lovely home state, Florida but keep away from tacky tourist chic ;)

And this is how our room... so far:

The white furniture is from American Signature, shell prints from Pier One, brushed metal lamp from ???, bedding from Target. Pier One also had some lovely white, linen curtains so I got a couple of those for the windows. Really adds a nice touch if I do say so myself. Now I just have little things left.... I got a glass jar and when I head to FL I'll collect some shells. My Mom got me a couple candle holders from Bealls too!

The paint I used is really fun and bright. Shout out to my SIL and FIL for helping paint the walls! It's by Behr and it is the kind that has primer mixed into it. SO easy!!! I believe the color is called Surfer.
Our bedroom as an overall calming effect which is very nice after a long day at work. I find myself in their quite a bit when I am home, even if it is just to read a book.

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Mrs. W. said...

I LOVE your bedroom! What a gorgeous color on the walls! I'm so jealous of your house. :)