Sunday, January 23, 2011

Office Inspirations

My Husband said I could decorate our office however I please. WOOHOO! I really want to do something different. The space is really small. So far, we have an old wooden desk and bookshelf in there.

 I have in my hands a couple of egg chairs similar to this:

I'll use these as computer chairs and extra seating. Right now they have a yellow padded seat.

As far as walls and color schemes... I really wanted to do navy, yellow and white but I think I am blue crazy right now. My bedroom is aqua, our guestroom is a darker blue (painted by the previous owners) so I'm just not sure. What about a super pale yellow with Navy, white and dark wood accessories? Or stark white with navy, white and yellow decor? The Blue + White Collection at Target would be pretty perfect. I love the hammered metal vase and the floral prints!  And this ottoman would be great for storage:

I also have to figure out how to remove the border along the ceiling. It's real special looking. HA! I hope it is easy. I would actually like to attempt it tomorrow. According to the internetz, if I get something called Wallwik, it should pretty much fall off. I might ask my handy FIL if he has any tricks for me!

If you have any ideas for me, please comment below. Thanks!


Jessica said...

You have such great ideas! I love how your bedroom turned out. I am sure the office will be really nice. The egg chair looks so cool, good luck!

moderndaywife said...

Love it! I'm sure your office will look so nice :-)

Sarah said...

I like the pale yellow idea!