Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday!

 It is that time again. Time to link up!

I am loving my Clarisonic Mia!!!!! Yes, I broke down and got one. I have given up hope that work would ever give me one. It is fabulous... if you want one, let me know. Anyways, I got the turquoise one and it is so cute. See?

I am loving the Fall weather! Today it was 60 degrees. YAY! I even pulled out all the Fall decor and stopped by Hobby Lobby to pick up some new stuff.

I am loving that my sister is going to come visit at the beginning of October... we are going to the Apple Butter Festival and just going to hang out. Hopefully the weather stays nice for her!

I am loving that I am going to be on local radio on the 11th. I am sharing my personal story of loss and being a survivor of suicide. I am also promoting the Out of the Darkness walk supporting the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Interested in donating to my cause? Leave a comment and I will send you my personal donation page/story.

I am loving days off... especially since I only get one a week during gift. 

I am loving my Husband. He has been so sweet and caring to me. He is the best!

What are you loving?


Seek First said...

Love days off! Family coming in is the best!

Laurin said...

Cheers to cooler weather! Great loves today!

Laurin said...

Cheers to cooler weather! Great loves today!

Anonymous said...

I Love you! Aunt s...

moderndaywife said...

60 degrees? Jealous! Yum Apple Butter festivial, sign me up! ps- somehow I JUST got all your blog updates what the heck blogger :-( I was gonna email you and be like why haven't you been posting? lol.

Lauren said...

I just got all your updates at once too. HMPH!

KSK said...

I just got all of your posts at once too! *weird!
**I'm LOVING Fall too! *And Hobby Lobby... I got to go by myself yesterday... 2 hours and some $$ later... whoops! :)
*ANd I kind of wish that I didn't buy my clarasonic when I did, because I LOVE the turquoise one!!
*AND you did GREAT on the radio! (((HUGS))) I'm glad you found that group!