Thursday, June 16, 2011

So Jealous!

Soo... as you all know, I am from Florida. And guess where my Husband is right now? Florida.


He is down in St. Augustine for a conference for work and then he is going to St. Petersburg to hang out with my family (ok, ok, it is his family too now!). I am so jealous. I've been pouting for days.

As pay back, I cleaned the house today and did laundry and didn't put his away. Mwahahahaha. Evil wife, eh?
Evil wife face

         In other news, I got my hair done today. Well, just redid my color.... but guess what? I got pretty feathers in my hair too!!! I was going to get some blonde highlights to go with the red but then I saw these cute yellow feathers and it was way cheaper. I got a yellow, white, yellow and black stripped and white and black stripped feathers. So fun!

Anyone else have these?


moderndaywife said...

I want to get feathers i nmy hair so bad! Maybe after my sister's wedding :-)

Jessica said...

So cute, I love the feathers!

KSK said...

:) Such an evil wife face :)
I didn't put my husband's laundry away once.... it's still sitting there....

Fun feathers!

Mrs. W. said...

LOVE the feathers! Those are awesome! I also love your red hair, too. I've been thinking of going red for a bit but haven't taken the plunge yet. :)

And I'm mad at my hubby this weekend too, b/c he's back in DC and I've been dying to go back to visit since we moved here. So, I sympathize!

Nicole said...

Never heard of feathers in your hair and it cracked me up you did laundry but didn't put his up... LOVED it!

Krystal said...

I really want feathers but I'm nervous about what to do with them at work!?