Monday, June 13, 2011

Meet the Babies!

I thought I'd do a post about my pets... I love them and think of them as my children. We definitely have a housefull, that is for sure!

He is a 6 year old, Shih Tzu/ Poodle mix. Very smart, very sweet and a Mama's boy! He is known for dancing on his two back legs to try to get food. It works.... sometimes. He was a present from an ex boyfriend. Haha. 

Gus is a 7 year old Yorkshire Terrier. My Sister and I got Gus when he was 8 weeks old. My Parents (mostly my Dad) became obsessed with him and when I tried to move out, he wasn't allowed to go. After my Dad passed away in March, I took Gus with me to Ohio to lighten my Mom's load. He is doing great and is thriving!

Louis and I adopted Annie (Big Girl) from the Humane Society. She was a year and a half when we adopted her. She is 3 now. Big girl like to cuddle and sit on your lap. She is also very needy and likes to be held often. Very sweet thing!

Wanderlei... pronounced Vander- lay... aka Vandy aka Big Boy is exactly that- a big cat! Just from this photo you can see how long he is. He is also very strong but sooo gentle it is ridiculous. He loves to wake up Louis and bug the dog in the middle of the night. Besides that, he is such a sweetheart!

Mia is one year old. Vandy is her littermate. Both were adopted at our local vet's office. The city brings in strays there. Mia aka little girl aka Mimi is a very sensitive soul! Kind of spacey but also, very gentle and sweet. Right now I just looked over and she is staring at the wall. Haha!

Charlie is about one year old also. We got him shortly after we got Vandy and Mia. We were just cat sitting for a coworker and it turned out, he ended up staying with us a lot longer! Charlie aka Charles (when he is naughty) was a feral, farm kitten but we turned him to a sweet kitty! He doesn't meow with his mouth open and it is so cute. He LOVES to play with Wanderlei and wrestle, even though Wanderlei always wins. He seems to always be somewhere he isn't supposed to be!


Mrs. W. said...

Cuties! :)

KSK said...

Good gracious!! The list just keeps going! :)
So cute! Is Charlie going to stay with you forever now?

moderndaywife said...

They are soooo cute girl! :-)

Jessica Renee said...

Adorable!!! I especially love Charlie's pic :)

Sara said...

Do you ever call Vandy "Art" for short? :) Cute babies!

Anonymous said...

Love them all but Charlie is a sooo cute! No wonder you work so hard cleaning - you have a full house!

Marisa said...

Out of many litter boxes do you have?? LOL

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

your babies are beautiful

Meredith said...

Holy. Crap. You have a lot of babies. And your house is super clean. I must suck at house keeping.