Monday, May 9, 2011


Today was such a nice day!

The weather was warm. The sun was shining and I actually had to wear some SPF.

Spring? Are you finally showing your face?

I worked on the garden a little bit. Got some top soil and plants! We are planting banana peppers, red, yellow and green peppers. Eggplant, celery, cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, watermelon, corn, lettuce, and broccoli. Cannot wait for some fresh produce!

The rest of the week I am working and then on Friday night we are making our way up to Mackinac Island in Michigan!!! We are celebrating our Anniversary a weekend early since it is the only weekend I could get off.

Ever heard of Mackinac Island, Mi? It is absolutely beautiful! They banned cars or any motorized vehicles from the island a long time ago so the air is so fresh. The only transportation is by bike or horse. Hubby and I are bring our bikes.

I'll def be back with photos :)


KSK said...

I would love to go to Mackinac Island during their fudge festival!! :)
How fun you're bringing you awesome vintage bike:)
Have a great time!!!

Mrs. W. said...

That island sounds awesome! Perfect spot for a romantic weekend away. I feel like you guys will need to ride a tandem bike and bring a picnic in an actual basket.

moderndaywife said...

Have a great anniversary trip,looks like a wonderful island! :-)

Sarah said...

You guys are going to have fun! Relax!:)