Monday, March 28, 2011

My Dad

My Dad is my favorite person.

I used to talk to him on the phone everyday. Sometimes, just about silly things like American Idol (he always just said "AI"), Glee, and our pets.

He was a hard worker. He actually worked two jobs while I was growing up. During the day, he managed condos and at night, he delivered newspapers. It was a lot of work and he didn't get a lot of sleep but he did it for us.

My Dad loved music. He was named after the great musician, Stan Kenton. He played the trombone in jazz band and marching band. I also remember going to the community band practice with him.

He was a notorious one word texter. Not because he wasn't interested in texting back and forth but he wasn't the fastest texter ever so I'd get responses like "Wow" "cool" "ok" "hi" "Glee" "A.I.". I always laughed when I read his responses.

My Dad LOVED karaoke. It was rather ridiculous and sometimes embarrassing. Ha! I am actually the person that got him hooked. They used to have karaoke at the pier, downtown, when I was in high school. So we all went. For his 50th Birthday, we threw him a big bash at my house and we even hired a karaoke dj. It was a fun night. 

I am still waiting for him to call or text. When I was in Florida, I heard my brother's voice and for a split second, thought it was my Dad. I was also waiting for him to walk into the room. It is never going to happen but I wish it would. I wish I could turn back the hands of time. I want my Dad back. Every girl needs their Daddy and I need mine.

What makes me really sad is that my future children will never know their Grandpa. I always had little flashes of my future children hanging out with my Mom and Dad. Now it is impossible.

 love you, Dad. I know you are watching over me but I wish you were here on Earth with us. I know you are at peace though.                     Love ya! xoxo


Sarah said...

I miss Dad too :(

moderndaywife said...

I am so sorry my friend..thinking of you lots and this is a wonderful tribute to your dad :)

Laura said...

Beautiful! I hate knowing there are now words that will help.I woke up this morning hearing JD and thought of my Daddy, and wished so hard that he was here to hear that sweet sound. We are better people because of our Dad's. If you need me I am here!


sandollargal said...

That was a beautiful tribute to you Dad. I keep waiting to get a text or call, even though I know it won't happen.

While I am very sad I won't be growing old with him and playing with our grandchildren together. I DO feel he is still here watching over us, just in a different form.

I love you and miss you!


Sara said...

Beautiful. He is still with you because he raised you and you carry your memories. You will see him in your best dreams like I do mine <3

Jessica said...

What a sweet post. It seems you have really great memories of your dad. He is lucky to have such a great daughter.

Mrs. W. said...

What a beautiful tribute to your dad. I'm so sorry for all your family is going through, but it is clear there is a lot of love there. Your dad sounds like he was a great person, and he will live on through you. Thinking of you, Steph!

Lucia said...

That was really beautiful Steph. Sending you love and God's peace.

Keri said...

Beautiful. You should post a picture of your Dad under this portion so we can all see him : )