Sunday, February 6, 2011

See Where I Blog!

 Lauren at Modern Day Wife had a neat post a couple of days ago! She posted where she actually blogs. She has such a cute little nook. I decided I'd play too and show you my blogging area......

Haha, it is the couch in my family room. It is comfy and right in front of the tv. Also, I always put my feet on the coffee table (Rude, I know). Oh and I always have some type of blanket or snuggie because I'm not a fan of leather and I hate to be cold when I sit on it. 


Sorry it took me so long to play, Lauren. It has been a crazy couple of days and I was feeling kinda lazy.


moderndaywife said...

Yay! Your space looks sooo cozy! Thanks for playing along :-)

KSK said...

Hahaha! I have that same kind of laser light for my cat!