Monday, September 26, 2011

Confessions of a Clinique Consultant

I love, love, love my job!

I get to talk to people all day long, help with their skin concerns, do their makeup, redo my makeup when need be and wear a spiffy labcoat. Let me tell you though... there are some draw backs.

Is there someone who has helped you at your makeup counter before? Did you like them and do they call you when promotions are going on? Please ask for them! Even if they aren't there, they could still get credit for your sale.

Don't ask for something free every time you stop by the counter. PLEASE. I do not mind giving you a gloss or something new to try but every single time? Because you spent $20? Hells no. You are not entitled to a freebie for shopping at the counter every 6 months.

Are you going to homecoming or prom and you need a free makeover? Fine! Can you help me out since I am missing out on sales to do your makeup by purchasing atleast a lipgloss? K, thanks.

Please do not get mad at me because you are not in the computer system. It is not my fault no one ever added you as a client. You knew you were coming in to get your makeup, why didn't you look to see which shade you wear? And don't get huffy when I offer to match you up instead.

Like I said, I love my job. Somedays I want to punch people though...

Oh and no, we don't have waterproof mascara anymore!!!!!!!!!
Robot Clinique consultant will get you!


Meredith said...

If I'm not in that DAMN computer - you had better put me in! I'm freaking LOYAL!

KSK said...

:) How I miss it there...
Too bad you can't print out a list of 'rules' and post them at the counter!!

Anonymous said...

Soo you need to switch your comment box to pop up so I can comment again ;-) But yeah I always buy at least something when I get my makeup done at a Clinique counter since you all do a great job!-Lauren moderndaywife