Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sweet Hubs and Movie Time!

Did I ever tell you my Hubby hates flowers? 

He hates to buy them because he think it is a waste of money. Yeah, I suppose it is but I LOVE flowers!

Well, I think he missed me when I was in Vermont because I found roses in the front seat of the car when he picked me up. Isn't that sweet? :)

Know what else I got? A new oven!!! Our old one broke about 3 weeks ago and we have been grilling and microwaving the whole time. This is the bad boy we got:
In other news, I saw The Glee Movie in 3D with my bff, Claire. I laughed, cried and had a permanent smile the entire time. So fun! It wasn't as amazing as Meghan's concert experience but a lot of fun!!!

One of my favorite songs?

Has anyone else seen the movie? 


moderndaywife said...

How cute that your hubs had roses for you! I love her voice and I think Britney is seriously such a great dancer wow! :-) I so want to go see the movie again so good, I've been googling parts of it on You Tube!

KSK said...

Awe! Yay Hubby! :)
~my mom never liked flowers either.. weird. :)
Lovin' the oven!

Mrs. W. said...

Yay for flowers and Glee! Can you believe I still haven't seen the movie?! Shame!

Sara said...

Sweet oven!!! I smell brownies :)