Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend Recap


I know what you are thinking? I am lame for not posting.

I am tired/busy/lazy/cleaning up/cooking and will try to get back on track!

I was lucky enough to have this weekend off and I thoroughly enjoyed it. My hubs and I spent Friday night watching "Date Night" with Steve Carrell and Tina Fey. I thought the movie had a lot of funny parts but sometimes I got a little bored.

Saturday morning, my favorite cupcake spot posted on Facebook about a Leftover Alert. You get 24 of the day before's cupcakes for $20 (normally $50). I called immediately and got them!!! Woot woot. It even included my chocolate peanutbutter cupcake AKA the orgasm cupcake!!! YES! Hahaha.

Hubs decided we needed a nice dinner, so he took me to Biaggi's. It is a really yummy Italian restaurant in the area. The food is amazing! And they always play jazz :) I had Shrimp and Crab Canneloni and I got to wear my new dress...
I felt pretty spiffy!

Today was a super lazy day... went to the grocery store together and took a nap. Tonight we are going to grill some hotdogs and weed the veggie garden. 

Good times!

This coming Saturday, I am headed to Vermont to spend time with my favorite babies!!! Ok, they aren't babies anymore which is so sad. I am hanging out with the boys I nannied for for almost 5 years. They are 7, 5 and 3. Cannot wait to see them!!! 

Oh and my friend, Kellie, is having a blog giveaway... check it out!


moderndaywife said...

I thought the same about Date Night and omgosh those cupcakes look amazing!!!!! :-)

KSK said...

LOVE your new name And look :) (I get it!! hehehe) :)
I NEED to add the cupcake place to my FB page.. and then check my FB page more often!!! **You're gonna get some competition!!! ;)
*You're super cute in your dress! I love Biaggi's! I haven't been there in so long! Jerk Face goes there a lot for work interviews, so he always wants to go somewhere else. Boo.

(Thanks for mentioning my giveaway!!)

Mrs. W. said...

Now I want a cupcake. Thanks a lot. :)