Monday, March 7, 2011

ABCs of Me.

A is for Age: 25. I'll be 26 in May. Eeeeek!
B is for Beer of choice: Samuel Smith Organic Strawberry Ale. My favorite!!
C is for Career: Clinique baby!
D is for favourite Drink: Diet Dr. Pepper
E is for Essential item you use everyday: Moisturizer.
F is for Favourite song at the moment: Born This Way by Lady Gaga
G is for favourite Game: Cranium... holler!
H is for Home town: St. Petersburg, FL
I is for Instruments you play: Bass Clarinet and my voice.
J is for favourite Juice: Grapefruit
K is for Kids: None... yet! ;)
L is for Last kiss: My hubby before I left for work.
M is for marriage: We will be married two years in May.
N is for full Name: Stephanie
O is for Overnight hospital stays: Yep, in 04 bc I had a crazy fever.
P is for phobias: Heights, birds and spiders.
Q is for quote: "Life is short. Seize the moment because tomorrow you might be dead."- Buffy Summers
R is for biggest Regret: Eh, nothing too bad.
S is for sports: Devil Rayyyyyyys. And they will always be the Devil Rays, SO THERE!
T is for Time you wake up: Depends... 7:30 or 8. If I don't have to work, I wake up at that time and try to fall back asleep.
U is for colour of underwear: Sheesh, personal much?
V is for Vegetable you love: Asparagus. Mmmm.
W is for Worst Habit: Being bossy.
X is for X-rays you've had: Hmmm... teeth, foot, and I think that is it.
Y is for Yummy food you make: Everything! Ha.
Z is for zodiac sign: Gemini

Oh and I would like to say that I posted this photo on my facebook and got a million likes and comments. Hahahaha. Prett hot, eh?
This is the face I make when I have to deal with freezing rain or snow. Hahahaha.



moderndaywife said...

This is so fun I'll have to do it! Umm this Samuel Smith Organic Strawberry Ale sounds amazing! I love that pic haha! :-) PLL tonight woo hoo!

Sharon said...

You're funny! Loved the Saturday night...home alone post. Sounds fun and relaxing...

Mrs. W. said...

If this were Facebook, I would "like button" this post. :) Very informative!

Jessica said...

Haha!! And I forgot about PLL tonight yay!!

KSK said...

How fun! I think I'll steal this from you some day :) ...but maybe change the 'U' question--my Grandpa reads my blog! :)