Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Hi everyone!

                Just put my vacay in at work and cannot wait for it to get approved. I'll be heading back down to the sunshine state with my Husband. Since we don't have definite plans yet... I have been planning in my head what it will be like and what we'll do. haha.

  First off, I'll be getting in much needed family & friends time! That is probably the hardest part about living in Ohio.

       Ooooh, and hopefully my Husband and I are going to get some photos done of us on the beach with the best photographer EVER Jason Angelini. He did our engagement photos and wedding photos and I never knew I could look so good! hahaha.

 Other things I have planned in my head include:
Beach time!!! With lots of SPF of course.

Disney World

I want to go line dancing too! It sounds ridiculous but it is SO fun. And I love country music. And alcohol. haha.

Oh and Bern's anyone? Seriously, SO GOOD!

Can't wait!


Mrs. W. said...

Sounds like a great tentative trip so far! I'm jealous, I need some sunshine in my life! :)

Lauren said...

We need to meet up for wine when you are in town! Gotta love Jason :)

KSK said...

I love your photos! Esp. the one with stairs!
I want to go to Florida again!!! I need a vacation too! :)

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

I am so jealous! It sounds like it is going to be wonderful. and your pictures look AMAzing. I cant wait to see the beach pictures. I hope you post.

ELVIntage said...

What fun!
Love these photos...so pretty!
xxx to you- Emily from EL Vintage

Unknown said...

I love the photos of you two. Enjoy time back South and I hope the great weather down there stays that way for you!

Anonymous said...

Woohoo...cant wait to see you! :)