Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar 2011

Here are my favorite Oscar fashions for 2011:

Mila Kunitz in Elie Saab
Va va voom, Mila! The flowy, lacey dress is sensual but classy at the same time. I also love her hair.

Mandy Moore in Monique Lhuillier
Isn't this dress stunning? I love how the mesh goes up to her neckline but it is almost invisible. I am pretty sure this is a favorite for everyone!

Jennifer Hudson in Versace
First off, JHud's makeup is flawless! And tangerine is kind of bold to wear on the red carpet but she really pulled it off. Get it, girl!

Did you have a favorite outfit of the evening?

How about everyone who won... did you agree/disagree? 

What was your favorite part of the evening?


moderndaywife said...

Mila was my FAV and Jennifer Hudson, I also loved Reese's hair and Sandra's dress! I am making my post right now haha :-)

Mrs. W. said...

Mila was my favorite, too, and I was obsessed with Jennifer Hudson's earrings! I also thought Natalie Portman looked gorgeous.

Megan said...

I loved Mila! She and Gwyneth were my favorites!

Carolyn said...

Mila was my favorite as well..... I couldn't stop staring at her tits. LOL...

Sarah said...

I loved Mila's dress. She definitely has GREAT taste!

Marisa said...

Mila was my fav too. And am I the only one who absolutely did NOT recognize Mandy Moore at first? She looks so mature now. I was like "Who IS that?"