Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blast from the Past and Snowmageddon update.

         Just to let everyone know, I am safe and sound. The county I live in is under a level 2 snow emergency which means only drive if you have to because the roads are very dangerous. However, the county I work in which is 10 minutes away from me, is under a level 3 which means it is ILLEGAL to drive. And guess what?

          **Edit** I can't believe it but they just called & said the store is closed!

     This is my deck and backyard. I had a little path for my dog to walk but it got covered again. Yuck.

My nestie friend, Lauren, of Modern Day Wife tagged me on her blog. She did a blast from the past post. According to her post, I list 7 facts about my childhood and post some pics. Sounds fun! Thanks Lauren!!!

Blast from the Past

1. My Parents and I lived in Georgia for the first few years of my life.

2. I loved Christmas and all holidays, even as a little one!

3. I don't remember my Grandpa very well but I like to think I have his spirit and love of music inside of me. His Mom, my great grandma, was and is my favorite person ever. 

4. I went to Disney for the first time when I was 5 and remember it vividly. It was so exciting!!

5. In HS (I graduated in 2003), I had plugs in my ears. It is so trendy now... then, not so much.

6. I had/have a great group of friends from middle and high school.

7. I went to a performing arts high school and sang in the choir and did madrigal dinners. So fun!

I'm tagging Marisa from  Tablet of the Heart and Kaitlyn from Til the Kai Sleeps in case they want to play too!


Sarah said...

Glad you made it home ok!! That's still pretty cool that you get to miss work though! :)

moderndaywife said...

So glad you are ok and work is closed! Thanks for playing along, I forgot you sang too how awesome, some of your friends look familiar from my USF choir :-)

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

Ooh I love snow days good thing you didnt have to go into work that would have been so dangerous. I love all the photos. too cute